Video tours are the future of real estate marketing.

Video And Professional Photos Are Changing Real Estate Marketing Forever


Welcome to the future, where everything is about images. With a growing amount of people hooked up to a screen most of their lives, real estate marketing can´t continue to avoid them. Professional imagery is not real estate marketing future, but present. Read on and understand why you need to embrace this growing trend today.


Images, images, images

The new world coming is going to be made of images. Either moving images for a video or professional shots of the interior will be a definite must for every property. Not only because it engages the possible buyers but also because it ranks higher on Google and social media. Let´s take a look at three of the most important types of video marketing for real estate.


Virtual tours

Virtual tours are the ultimate way to show a property. In fact, you could be the best one-on-one real estate agent in the world and not reach a fraction of the people a virtual tour could. You can just add it to the description of the property and people can just take the tour commuting back home from work. If you want to sell a property today, you need to create a virtual tour for it.


Drone images

Everything is epic nowadays. Ever since drones became so affordable, almost every short clip you come across on the internet has some drone shots. When applied to real estate marketing, it gives the seller the opportunity of portraying the wonders of the property on the outside and its surroundings. You can do air shoots in big properties or fly it at a lower height to create a POV video allowing future owners to picture their everyday life arriving at their house and walking to the door. With drone images, the sky is literally the limit.


Professional photography

Nothing less than this is acceptable if you are serious about your business. Back in the day, roughly 20% of real estate agencies hired professionals for this job. Nowadays it is close to 90%. This means that you won´t be able to compete unless you play in the same league. Hire a professional photography service and wait for the results to pay off.



Times are a-changing said Bob Dylan and he wasn´t mistaken. Hire a real estate marketing agency that covers all these services. In an area like Costa Blanca, you can include footage of the Mediterranean Sea and all the magic surrounding your property. Always remember the better the marketing effort, the better the results. Make the right video and sell your property today.