How Social Media Can Help You Get More Customers and Improve Your SEO Positioning

Social network marketing is the most reliable and cost-effective way to communicate with customers and potential clients. More than 79% of buying customers reported that social network user-generated content influenced their buying decisions during the last quarter. To better understand, how social media can get you more clients and increase your SEO positioning, you need to know that the number of daily users of each platform is bigger than the sum of all mass media together for the same period.

How Social Media Marketing Improves Brand Awareness and Business Revenue.

Notably, the impact, influence, speed, and efficiency of social network viral campaigns transform new companies into renowned brands. In fact, the audience reach and influence of social networks are unmatched by any other method. A couple of thousand euros in social network marketing can produce millions in return on advertising spending.


Social Networks connect your brand with shoppers and a wide audience that becomes your brand promoters.

  • Increase Your Brand Awareness and Audience by the Hour. There are 4.26 billion users across all platforms eager to learn about your brand and products. Naturally, your brand must be presented as valuable content to captivate new clients. Of course, well-planned content seduces consumers to share it with friends and acquaintances, which becomes free promoters. Moreover, most social network free promoters evolve into diehard brand advocates 
  • Creating user-friendly content fosters a strong bond between your brand and its audience. People identify more with brands that make content on TicToc, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. In addition, users buy more from brands that interact with or respond to their inquiries over social networks. 
  • Shoppers review social networks before buying or restocking. Online shopping is growing everywhere, and shoppers are adquiaring new products announced or introduced by social networks. In 2022, one out of every three TikTok users will purchase something while using the app.
  • Build Strong Communities and Increase Your Online Presence. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other networks help your brand build a community and share its values and products with them.


How Social Network Marketing Increases Your SEO Positioning.

SEO positioning is based on complex algorithms that assign a place to websites and digital interfaces. In general, SEO works independently of networks and other platforms. However, everytime an internet user searches for your products, shares your website direction, or mentions your brand, it increases your website’s prominence. As an illustration, the more exposure a brand, product, or website gets, the better its SEO is. The SEO improvement is made indirectly and is organic, which produces better and longer-lasting SEO ranking improvement results.


The reasons why your SEO Ranking improves are:

  • Content distribution. Content distribution is pivotal to increasing your brand awareness and raising your income. Additionally, extensive content distribution across multiple platforms improves your SEO.
  • Organic traffic. Your content and posts increase your website visitor numbers and indirectly improves your SEO ranking.
  • Increasing brand recognition. Your content reaches a expanded audience that learns about your product and mentions it in their talks and searches. Thus, the more recognized your brand becomes, the more your website’s SEO improves.


Millions of shoppers are waiting for products, but you must show them your brand identity.