Real Estate Marketing & Property Marketing

How to Boost Your Visibility


Marketing has the power to create an industry’s economy and increase sales of a product at will. Indeed, the economy only gets better for those who have the courage, determination, and knowledge to transform adversity into opportunities. According to the National Realtor Association, more than 1.56 million licensed realtors are in the USA. In Europe, the figure is not clear. Still, the European Association of Real Estate Professionals has more than 250.000 active members in 2022. Moreover, the number of agencies is growing. In France, the number has doubled in the last two years. Therefore, to increase customers and property acquisitions, realtors need an effective real estate marketing & property marketing strategy.


What Is Real State Marketing?

Real estate marketing refers to tools and strategies to promote the person or agency’s usefulness and worth. To emphasize, the promoted product is the realtor’s personal and professional image. Of course, real estate marketing creates a brand for you or your business, making it appealing to clients and the public. In general, the strategy spreads your brand in the community and associates it with actively sought social and corporate values. As a result, your revenue and property acquisition increase exponentially, while your brand becomes praised and respected.


Real Estate Marketing Advantages

  • Real estate marketing identifies behaviors and trends that generate stronger relationships between customers and their realtors. 
  • Design tailored strategies to stand out and keep your brand current by tracking the current buyer’s needs, wishes and demands.
  • Increases customer satisfaction and incorporates client reviews and opinions as referral tools. 
  • Profitability, it maximizes the marketing investment return by indicating the best.
  • Build a strong online presence that permeates competitors’ niches. For instance, your brand will appear as recommended search response in search engines. 


What Is Property Marketing?

Property marketing is the name given to a set of strategies created to sell commercial and residential properties. In particular, designing your property’s ads, albums, galleries, signs, and promotional material to attract and captivate buyers ready to close. The main goal of property marketing is to make your properties stand out and attract buyers in the shortest time. Notably, property marketing is the biggest difference between successful realtors and those struggling to survive.

Currently, the Eurozone house market is growing at a faster rate than in 2019. The European Central Bank expects an increase in housing transactions during the next quarters in all its member states, except for the Netherlands and Luxembourg. In 2022, housing market transactions will exceed €64 billion. Surely, agencies and realtors that use the best marketing strategies will take the lead and profit from this market.


How Property Marketing Boosts Realtors’ Revenue

The simple answer is by increasing the number of buyers ready to purchase your properties. In detail, it creates bespoken strategies that influence the demography target, such as: 

  • Create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that covers all industry aspects
  • Content and social media promotion
  • Website development and optimization
  • Ads, videos and photography production
  • Events and properties promotions
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing