Tik Tok Marketing

The ever-evolving art of marketing has undergone amazing changes over the changes. Some concepts are met with excitement at first, but fizzle out later. On the other hand, some are rooted in a seemingly simple premise but catch people’s imagination instantly. Tik Tok, a platform that has climbed the charts of popularity in a very short duration, is one such example.

This social video-sharing networking service helps users create, share, and help others discover short videos. Over 40% of its avid users are between the ages of 16 and 24. These youngsters now have a powerful say in consumer-buyer behavior. Tik Tok manages to combine smart elements from video advertising as well as influencer marketing.

We, at Topmarcon, have realized – Tik Tok marketing can be a potent aspect of the long-term digital strategy of business if executed correctly. Have a look at the most obvious advantages of marketing your business on Tik Tok:


  1. High Adoption Rate

Because of this bite-sized flavor in the video version, Tik Tok’s adoption rate has been astounding. The latest statistics indicate that over 800 million people are now active users worldwide! No brand can afford to ignore the powerful messaging channel this can be. Imagine reaching that size of the audience through a single video!



  1. Enhanced Brand Visibility and Community Engagement

Marketers observe that the savviest brands pepper their videos with humor and only subtle promotions on Tik Tok. These are the videos that grab the maximum eyeballs. A single video done right has the capacity to garner literally thousands of views in a matter of hours. If it teams up with a popular influencer tastefully, the brand can boost its visibility like never before. Also, Tik Tok has an algorithm that enables the display of local content in the user’s feed first. This automatically leads to local connect and contributes to the content’s viral abilities.

  1. Less Competition in Paid Ads

For a marketer, what could be better than superb engagement with a relatively low CPM? Since paid ads on Tik Tok are still nascent, there’s a good degree of first mover’s advantage. Brands choosing it as a marketing medium therefore simply don’t face very stiff competition.

To cut a long story short, Topmarcon shows immense promise for long-term online marketing and branding via Tik Tok. Its presence in over 140 countries and its connection with its huge user base are reasons enough. Weigh in the massive pull of the right set of influencers, and your brand may just end up going viral!