Adapting Your Marketing Strategy To The Coronavirus Situation

Adapting Your Marketing Strategy To The Coronavirus Situation

Coronavirus changed the perception of many industries. Many industries are struggling but that is not a good image to project to your customers and investors. Thus, the right marketing strategy can influence your customer’s perception of your brand—even while the coronavirus rages on. However, finding the right message can be a serious challenge. Interestingly, paid ads are producing a higher return on investment (ROI). In one analysis, ROI jumped from 31% pre-COVID-19 to 53%. This is about a 71% increase. Therefore, there is no better time to try paid ads than now. From coronavirus-centered marketing ads to transition to online shops, we are here to help you weather the storm.

Ecommerce - Online Shops

Ecommerce is witnessing an unprecedented growth following the coronavirus pandemic. In France, home deliveries spiked by 90.2%. The United Kingdom witnessed an overall spike of over 82% in non-store retailing. The statistics are even more interesting in the United States as the country prepares for a general election. We design and develop professional e-commerce websites that will help you to key into the new coronavirus economy. Our online stores stand out because of their compelling designs. We create a user-friendly environment that is easy to navigate which can lead to increased conversion.

Also, these stores are equipped with functionalities that are relevant in day-to-day lives. Lastly, we will teach you how to manage the store.

Social media marketing

According to a global Kantar survey, 75% of consumers want brands to highlight what they are doing in this situation. There is no better place for brands to blow their trumpet than using social media. Thus, creating brand awareness and building relationships will help you capture a large market share. We help to build a strong brand presence through engagement on all social media platforms. Every business is unique which explains why we study your business to define a working strategy. Furthermore, we monitor the impact of our strategies and make adjustments where required. We beam the light on your brand using influencers.

Web design

A small change like adding a temporary website banner can make a huge difference to your brand’s image. It can keep your customers in tune with the current situation without distorting your entire website setup. It is not surprising that more websites now have snapshots of the coronavirus stats. Our web designs are optimized for mobile devices.

It’s hard to say with certainty when this episode will end. However, there is no need to place your business on hold. See the gaping opportunities created by the virus—and grab them with both hands.